Everything you need to know about Instagram Shoutouts

So lets start with what is an Instagram shoutout?

A shoutout is when when account tells it’s followers to go follow another account. This helps the other account get publicity and get more followers. It is one of the fastest ways to get real Instagram followers.

So what is an Instagram shoutout exchange?

Well an exchange is when both accounts give shoutouts to one another. This helps both accounts utilize each others followers and grow. Usually when one person does a shoutout they want one in return for the favour making it a shoutout exchange.

What type of Instagram shoutout are there?

Well there are 2 types of shoutouts. One is a caption shoutout while the other shoutout is a Picture shoutout.

  • Caption Shoutout is when someone gives a shoutout in the caption only. The user giving the shoutout can use any picture they were going to post but in the caption gives a shoutout to another account.
  • Picture Shoutout is when someone is giving a shoutout to another account and uses they picture they have given them.

Caption shoutout are more popular because they allow the Instagram users to control their media and what they want posted on their Instagram.

What are the etiquette of an Instagram shout out?

  •  It is recommended that when giving a shoutout you give a gap of about 4 hours between the last post and the next post.
  •  You should always give shoutouts to one person at a time. It does make it unfair to the other user if they gave you a sole shoutout to your account and you shoutout to multiple accounts.
  • Tagging the person you are giving a shoutout is always great as it helps them notice the shoutout as sometimes they don’t realize the shoutout with the burst of likes and follows on their account.